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To observe the clinical effect of the treatment of chronic prostatitis with the front of the Zhuang medicine.


Methods: 360 patients with damp heat with blood stasis syndrome in patients with chronic prostatitis symptom is divided into II, III A and type III B, each of which was randomly divided into treatment group and control group, treatment group be Zhuang medicine Qianlieshu lotion, the control group was treated with Prostant.

Two groups were to 28 days for a course of treatment. Objective to analyze the causes of the problem in time by monitoring the disinfection of medical institutions in the whole region. Methods to detect and evaluate the method of GB15981-1995 and GB15982-1995. Results 384 samples were detected, the qualified rate was 236, the total qualified rate was 61.46%.

Farmland is CO2, the important source of CH4 and N2O greenhouse gas emissions, in the global scope in agricultural production activities with the approximately 14% of the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and 58% of Man-made CO2 emissions, unreasonable soil management measure strengthens the farmland greenhouse gas emission characteristic, weakening the role of soil carbon sequestration. As one of the most active carbon pools in the earth ecosystem, soil carbon pool is an important source of greenhouse gases. The research shows that the purpose of increasing the soil carbon pool and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions can be improved by taking reasonable farmland management measures.

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